1.plane sends the hot plate, the coordinate silica gel, irons out the surface, the braille to be possible.
  2.takes a walk the work table structure, causes to burn the India process to be safer.
  3.may correct the down stroke, the running rate, the bronzed temperature.
  4.corrosion preventing finish coat, the permanent preservation is not rusty.
  5.user-friendly design, the operation is simple, in the enhancement burns the India quality in the foundation, facile practical.

  Burns the India area (mm):60×90mm
  Center distance (mm):140
  Work piece most greatly highly (mm):60
  Work table area (mm):120×150
  Operating mode:The manual volume belt way walks
  The foil length (mm):0-80
  Temperature control automatically:0-300℃
  Electric hot plate power:300W
  Using voltage (single phase AC):110V/220V
  Machine size (mm):260×160×3400
  Machine weight:10KG