Applies workpiece:
  Normative personal identification brand ( Dog tag) Or 85.5mm × 55mm paillettes
  Product introduction:
  1.Character-selection: character rosette turnplate
  2.Internal 52 code characters:
  Capitalization case of English letters (26): A~Z
    Arabic numerals (10):0~9
    Symbols (16):& , . –/﹙﹚~ @ * + ? ! “‵:
  3.Adopting ISO international special character.
  4.Word spacing gap:1/12inch
  5.Operation mode:manual
  6.Raised type lines:1-11 lines
  7.Raised type location indication:indicator or sample card
  8.Volume(L×D×H):339×269×165 (mm)
  9.Net weight of the machine:8.8 kg