track ball


Application scope: Bank ATM, the industry PC numerical control machinetelecommunication tax affairs self-service inquiry printer, security a entrance guard , the transportation regulation, peacefully guards against a entrance guard , continues the electricity instrument measuring appliance andso on the multimedia self-service instrument
Technical parameter

 Kneading board

Imports the high strength stainless steel plate

Pressed key

The stainless steel stretches the raised key, chemistry etching,import color oil printing

Foundation plate

Aluminum sheet

Spheroid material quality, size

Wear-resisting stainless steel spheroid, nonmetallic ball, diameter 19mm 25mm  38mm 50mm



Mechanical life

Above pressed key electronic contact 2 million

Revolves makes an effort

60 Gram

Electrical life

50,000 The work hour (power source opens)

Preserve temperature

-40  ~ +75

Operating temperature

-25  ~ +70


300 Gram ~ 800 Gram

    Electrical specification 
    ·Voltage : 5 .0VDC +/-5%     Output connection:USB  PS/2
    ·Electric current : 10 mA
    ·Conforms to the electromagnetic compatibility standard : EN55022(B)
    ·Path ball distinguishing rate : X: > 200dpi Y: > 190dpi