Basic instructions (GENERAL INFORMATIONS):
  CD-700 series of self-inquiry terminal, set card, bar code reading, decoding and a small keyboard Body, mainly for billing inquiries banks, securities commission, postal information, tax information, business inquiries line Areas such as machine-readable magnetic stripe card and passbook, and can also provide with voice prompts and no credit card of choice.
Standard magnetic card: ISO7811 / 2
A few key (Keys): 20 keys
Interface: USB,RS232C,Keyboard    
Head Life (Headlife):> 500,000 times 
Card Feeding Speed):10-120cm / s
Weight (Weight): About 450g
Size(Dimension): W101 * L150 * H38mm
Work (Operation) :0-50 ℃ 20-90% RH
Storage (Storage): -20-70 ℃ <90% RH