metal PC keyboard

    Application scope 
    Bank self-service deposit and withdrawal funds service equipment 
    Telecommunication, tax affairs, self-service machine for documents printing and inquiry. 
    Self-service terminal, public information inquiry equipments. 
    The automated surveillance, CCTV equipments,the industry PC numerical control platform, the medical check-out facility . 
    Self-help machine for paying expenses

    Product characteristic 
    Material: The high strength aluminum alloy, imported stainless steel . 
    Three- prevents design: Dustproof, waterproof, explosion-proof. 
    Connection: PS/2 or USB 
    Key number: 65 
    The typeface of keycap may choose the laser carving or chemistry etching 
    Journey of keypress: 2mm 
    Maximal taken stress: 120 grams 
    Times: > 5 million 
    customized is welcome, as well as other language editions.

    Working Conditions:
    Protection rank: IP65 (surface) 
    Operating temperature: 0℃ ~ +60℃ 
    Relative temperature: 20% ~90% 
    Storage temperature: -25℃ ~ +70℃ 
    Relative temperature: 20% ~95%