metal keyboard

  Application scope
  ·Bank self-service deposit and withdrawal funds service equipment
  ·Self-service service terminal, public information inquiry
  ·Telecommunication, tax affairs, self-service printing documentaryevidence inquiry machine
  ·Self-service paying expenses machine
  ·Circle saving machine
  Product characteristic
  Kneading board: Imports the high strength stainless steel
  Foundation plate: Imports the high strength stainless steel or addsthe hard aluminum sheet
  Pressed key: Uses the laser carving or chemistry etching, the enteringcolor oil, the clarity is high, has the abrasion resistance
Pressed key life: Is bigger than 2 million time
  Pressed key travelling schedule: 0.45mm
  Pressed key dynamics: 3N 
  Operating temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 65 ℃
  May provide the DES encryption or the 3DES encryption control panel